We cooperate with Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Ad association, Special member networks and community to recruit our members. According to our statistics, our members come from more than 10,000 different sites.
2. Panel Maintenances

2-1. Member Authenticity
(1) A valid e-mail authentication
(2) Regular check-up membership information by phone
(3) Cross- check information, including ID, birth date, gender…etc
(4) IP Technology to control the real area of registration
(5) PC Technology to ensure the uniqueness of members
(6) Prize recipient authentication

2-2. Information Update:
(1) Automatics send information reminder to members every three months.
(2) Fixed information (Age, Gender, Region…etc) cannot be modified
(3) Change E-mail requires authentication.
(4) A reminder will be send to member who has not log in within 6 months. Within one year are not logged in, automatic cancellation of membership

2.3. Uniqueness of participating in the survey:

(1) The sample drawn is unique. Each with a unique code, can only get one unique link to complete only one questionnaire
(2) A member can only participate once, cannot repeat access.

2.4 Reward System:

Members who voluntarily participated in the survey will be given a different points reward, without any inducement. Points can be used to redeem goods, gifts and coupons. 
3. Panel Quality                  
3-1. Quality Control

1Strictly Member registration process.
2Spot-checking the reliability of registered information through CATI.
3Regularly update the database.
4Cooperating with the most advanced online market research quality control System iGUARD1.0.

3-2. Customer Service

Our Sales team and technical team contribute to provide the most satisfying services for the clients from all over the world. Wherever and whatever kinds of requests you ask, we will offer you the best services at any time.
We offer 24x7 services throughout the year.




More than 1.2 million panelists and covered 10 countries/areas in Asia Pacific.

5. Panel Profiles

Distribution of Gender in each country/area
Distribution of Age in each country/area


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