iGuard 1.0 has got the trademark and copyright certificate by national relevant authority institutions. It’s the third party of quality control system who offers service to both market research companies and panel suppliers. By using advanced technical, scientific analysis and judgment system iGuard 1.0 can auto-identify the participants’ identity, credit, cheat, false, serious degree etc which will guarantee the quality control of sample collecting. iGuard 1.0 can keep all the unqualified people out at the very beginning. Any participant who has been intercepted, you can find the specific reason for that in iGuard system. How to choose their interception technologies and means are totally up to project designer’s decision. Using iGuard 1.0 can promote online research industry, and make data collected from online survey much more reliable and more analysis-worthy!



Special Panel Manage System (SPMS)is an efficient panel management system adopted by PHP and MySQL. As a commercial software, SPMS achieved great praise from vast users, depending on its unique coding technique, operating efficiency, loading capability, high level of security, simple manipulation, and strict authority discrimination.
    Leaning upon the accumulated rich experience of panel management, web empolder, experience of database management, as well as the great innovation developed by our technician team, plus the perfect concept of designing, SPMS rapidly stood out from the similar products both at home and abroad. SPMS has been accepted by more and more experts and authorized enterprises, due to its efficiency optimization and its loading capability maximization.
    For any kind of sample databases, SPMS allows you to create panel platforms with the advantages of excellent performance, full of functions, secure and stable, strict quality control, clear classification, simply sampling method, and also the efficient operation. All of these could be done within the shortest time, lowest costs, and least labors. For the vast panel administrators, by using SPMS could greatly assist you to increase the members’ activity rate. For the members who register in the panel sites which are built up by SPMS, will be able to experience a brand new taste of interaction, which includes participating surveys, joining polls, making friends, playing games, founding online focus group, online shopping etc. This will largely increase your members activity rate, it allows your members to find out their own favorites. You will no longer loss your members caused by waiting for participating surveys for too long. SPMS© combines online survey with traditional survey perfectly. This system allows you to apply Email、CATI、Mobile survey、online focus-group, and at the same time this system improves the response rate greatly . With SPMS©, you just need several days to built a Panel, you can choose the website templates we offer, or order one that you prefer. It provides mobile phone top-up awarding services to greatly improve the members’ enthusiasm.


Mobile Survey

With the development of economy and the great expansion of various operation business, mobile users grow at a rate of 17% from 2005-2008. By the end of 2008, mobile users has reached 650 million in China.
    ‘China Mobile’ keeps in the leading position, occupied 71% of market share. ‘China Unicom’ and ‘Telecom’ only occupied 21% and 4% respectively. In addition, ‘PHS’ also occupied 4% market share based on its strong foundations. Different operation business are using different strategies in order to satisfy different groups of customers.

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