Inside the futuristic restaurant where a robot has replaced the bartender

Publish Date: 2018-11-30




With architecture dating to the Middle Ages, Prague is a city whose modern identity is still defined by its many layers of ancient history, much of which remains gloriously intact.

And, yet, it is here — among a city of baroque palaces, ornate Renaissance-era chapels and cobblestone streets — that one of the first flashes of the future has suddenly, randomly emerged.

It has been dubbed Cyberdog. Though the name conjures images of an Eastern European Internet Cafe frequented by backpackers, it belongs to a newly opened wine bar. Unlike other wine bars in the Czech capital, however, this one has a new twist: It is staffed by a robotic bartender who serves drinks ordered via a smartphone app, according to Reuters.

Convinced that robots will soon replace waitstaff all over the world, following a trend that has redefined the manufacturing world, the bar’s owner, Marcel Soural, told Reuters that he thinks his business is embracing an inevitable shift in how restaurants operate.

“I am deeply convinced that in some time, when you will be served in a restaurant by a real person, it will be a terribly expensive restaurant because it will be unique,” he said.

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